LED Dog Harness Collar Safety Lighted

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Get A Bright Doggie LED Pet
Safety Harness

"Be safe, be SEEN" also applies to our four-legged friends!

  • Bright color matching LED lights can be seen from far away.
  • Helps to keep your dog & other pets safe during walking.
  • Provide safety for your dogs and pets while out alone at night.
DESCRIPTION: Taking your dog out for a walk at night can be difficult and dangerous. Once you let them off the leash, it's pretty hard to spot them in the dark. This harness with a built-in LED light can solve that problem! Since the harness is behind your dog's head, he/she won't be bothered by the lights.

These LED Safety Harnesses feature a high-grade nylon webbing that is durable and built to last. Also further safety features include a curved breakaway side release buckle meant to protect our four-legged friends from injury if the harness is ever caught on a fence, crate or deck boards.



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